Welcome to the Fertility Doctor webpage!

We are dedicated to assisting couples have a baby using natural methods and supplements. Over the past 20 years we have assisted hundreds of couples achieve their highest dreams. Using natural principles of the human body is easy. We tailor each protocol to fit the needs of each couple.

Dr. LeAnne has helped many women achieve their hearts desires of having babies naturally. But it takes work and a life change on the part of the client. They have to be willing to change their diets and do a series of organ cleansings which Dr. LeAnne will teach you to do. They also have to be willing to take the supplements that she recommends and follow the program strictly.

Many people get pregnant before three months is over on this program but the majority of people get pregnant within 6 months. Some people have taken as long as 18 months to get pregnant. 90% of the women that Dr. LeAnne has worked with on this program have been successful at being able to get pregnant and carry their baby full term.

You will receive a packet of paper work in your email to download then fax or mail back to Dr. LeAnne. From the paperwork she will be able to see if you are a good candidate to become pregnant naturally. If Dr. LeAnne decides to take you on as a client then she will need a payment of $500.00. You will receive forms to fill out and a list of other lab work and exams that you have had taken for her to analyze. From these she will come up with a plan for you to follow. You will receive a follow up phone consultation and she will then email you a summary of that phone call along with an individual plan to follow.

This program comes with a guarantee. If you are not pregnant by 18 months after starting this program Dr. LeAnne will refund your money back for any consultations that you have with her except for the initial paperwork fee of $15.00, the first $500.00 to analyze your condition and set up a program for you to follow, and any supplements that you have bought to use.

If you would like to ask questions about your plan you can send her three emails which she will answer. Many people like to have weekly consults with Dr. LeAnne at a cost of $50.00 for 15 minutes. If you feel that this is something that you would want that can be arranged during the first consultation call.

To get your initial paperwork to see if you are a candidate to have a baby naturally please click on the Yes! I want a baby buy now link to send $15.00 dollars to Radiant Life Healing Center for processing. Please make sure to include your email address.

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